The Solomon's Tomb.

"From ancient times, it was portrayed in several religious scriptures that King Solomon reigning during 970 BC or so, possessed supernatural gifts like controlling winds, horses and djinns." The guide informed as they visited the last milestone of the ancient Kingdoms that once existed in Jerusalem. The students listened with interest, it was cool, one of the student commented at the said supernatural gifts of King Solomon.

Kira snapped her head to her friend that stood beside her, raising her hand in query. "What exactly is a djinn?" Kira and others nodded, clearly the question has been in the minds of most of them. The guide took a moment to think before answering to the crowd. "Hmm..." He began, "There's several definitions of that, pagans believed they were deities with magical powers, horrifying in appearance, hideous. While other groups such as Jews and Arabs believed were just creatures with magical powers lower in category, even than humans. It's what you call demons..." They nodded, now understanding better. "But it's more than that, categorised into good and bad djinns, the bad ones are the ones usually referred to as demons. Oh they're also known to be able to possess humans." Kira shivered at the thought.

"Oh the goosebumps." Elina murmured to her scared friend, smirking at the paled look on her face

"Did you know that the story has it, that a particular djinn in his control is still below this tomb..?" The guide added mischievously. Students howled rubbing their arms in sudden chill waving it’s way in the air. Clearly the guide had scared them.

He later spoke about the territorial achievements and advancement in science and engineering during King Solomon's time. Impressed and intrigued, the students asked various questions until the time came to return to their hotel. Their flight back to New York was the next day and hence needed a good night's rest.

"Form a cue, everyone!" Mrs. Parks called out as students followed, constructing themselves in a cue, walking towards the bus stood faraway  outside the borders of the Solomon's Tomb. Stood at the end of the line, Kira started to walk ahead, trying to fetch her phone from her pocket as they were about to reach the bus. She found her pockets empty. Turning back around, she decided to check on the site near the Solomon's Tomb.

Deciding on whether to tell her friend or not, she decided otherwise, rushing back to the site. Trying to see through the evading night, she searched for her iPhone, a little distance away from the tomb where she had stood previously. A ring of her phone was heard, dragging her gaze to her phone lightened on the ground just beside the tomb. A sweat broke on her forehead, her throat tightening in reluctance.

How did my phone go there..? She mused in her mind, strolling towards the tomb.

Gulping in fear and later laughing nervously to herself she reached for her phone, holding it in her palm, picking it up from the ground beside the tomb, her other hand reaching to touch the surface of the tomb on it’s own accord. Indeed, the tomb was a piece of art.

Standing back up and turning around instantly, her gaze fell on her friend entering the bus. Her lips parted to announce her presence when she was cut off by a creaking sound behind her, making the hair on her neck stand erect in fear. Her body froze, she couldn't move, no voice came out of her throat, not even when she tried to scream through it. For a second, she saw her friend turn her head to where she stood, her eyes meeting hers but instead of making a move towards her, she simply turned around and stepped inside the bus, leaving her.

"Finally..." A gravely voice drifted in her ears and before she could make sense of the situation, she felt herself being pulled from behind, feeling herself fall inside the ground, the tomb had moved away from it's place, revealing a hollow Earth, a cave, before she fell into unconsciousness with the tomb moving back to it's original state.

"Is everyone here?!" Mrs. Parks inquired, scanning through the faces of students.

"No..." A voice spoke at the back of the bus, a mere whisper. "She's missing..."

"Who?!" Mrs. Park interrogated in alarm. 

"Kira..." Mrs. Parks hands moved to her head. "Did you not see her separated?!" She pushed in worry. Elina mulled over her words, like she didn't know she had. She was sure, she saw her near the tomb as if calling out to her, then why had she turned away like she didn't. "I did, near the tomb." The students gasped at her revelation in disbelief while Elina gained a look of frustration from the teacher.

Stepping out of the bus, Mrs. Park looked around her to search for the missing woman as her friend Elina chose to tag along, hurrying back to the site of the Solomon's Tomb, only to see her nowhere. Rushing back to the bus, Mrs. Park in worry sought the help of her students who decided to search for her in groups of five while Elina decided to stick with the guide and the teacher.

"Kira!" They called out in sync lightening up the torches on their phones as night began to cover the sky. "Keira..!" They continued as the voices started to get distanced and away from the Tomb, having not her found there.

Keira groaned as her eyes struggled to open, her hand reaching for the left side of her head, aching at her touch. She flinched, striving to part open her eyes, her eyes taking in the darkness around her when she found herself successful. Her heart lurched in fear, unable to see anything around her, her hands shivered, her breaths came out short as she tried to take in more of the air, it seemed as if there was not enough supply of oxygen for her. Trying to stand up, she failed, for the space wasn't big enough, just enough for her to kneel while the rocks pricked her knees and body. She remembered falling inside the cave below the tomb.

"Keira!" She heard in the distance, jerking herself up in a sitting position.  Her hands searching for her phone around her. Thanking her stars for finding the metallic object within her reach, she picked it up, hoping it wasn't broken and with shivering hands, she lightened up the torch on her phone, her palms moving to hit the surface of the tomb above her head, trying to push it open like it previously had but to no avail.

"Elina!" She shouted, in desperation. "Help! Somebody please! Help me! I am down here!" Although they couldn't listen to her, she could hear them as they continued to shout her names; she cried back to them for a long time. 

"I think we should move! Seek the cops' help!" An authoritative voice shouted, she guessed it was her teacher.

"No!" She shouted, "I am inside here!" Hitting the tomb with her palms, to derive their attention she failed. After several bustling sounds, she could hear the start of an engine in the distance, allowing tears to form in her eyes at the fear of being left below in the ground. The tears trickled down her cheeks, finding it difficult to breathe as she slid herself against the wall behind her.

Crouched against the wall, she tried to level her breathing, wallowing in worry of dying with the soon lack of air. The hair on her neck stood up again making her shiver as slow, deep breaths drifted through her ears, they weren't hers. Her heart stopped beating as her eyes scanned in the dark, the light of her phone's torch, her only solace, until the battery goes off. The sound grew in it's sense as she neared the source while her mind shouted for her to not go forward.

She had to know what or who it was, she couldn't have been alone.

May be, she told herself, if there's someone else down here with me, I could escape with them.

But the alarms in her mind did not pause and as her eyes took in the shadow of the figure, she had wished she really did listen to herself, for once. A scream erupted from her throat as the flashlight fell on the contours of the figure, his eyes meeting hers, making her stagger back on instinct, her limbs going numb with dread filling her bones as she tried in vain to get away from the figure but it seemed her body did not cooperate with her as she started to panic, unable to breathe. Giant locks of hair lined his face, revealing only some of the hideous, scarred face, deep gashes buried within his skin, black veins stood below his eyes working their way through his naked body, simply a dirty cloth hung around his lower torso or was it his hair, she couldn't tell. His eyes were what scared her to shit. Bulged out of their sockets, they were black covering the full of his eyes, so dark that she thought she'd die if she had stared at them a second longer. May be she will. The creature in the cave with her, was no human. It was a monster...

The phone fell from her hands, as the light remained on it's face, she hoped she hadn't seen. Trembling, she managed to scramble herself to the wall on her left, a few feet away from it, her eyes shut as she rocked herself back and forth, struggling to breath, she was going to die, she knew.

"You need to breathe slowly." A gasp escaped her lips at the growling voice of him. Nonetheless, she followed the instruction, breathing in slowly, her eyes still remained shut.

Silence followed them as she sat shivering in her spot and while she thought she'd be fine, the image of his face flashing in her mind made her tremble again. Hesitantly, she opened her eyes, focusing them on the rocky wall before her, while he sat on the left of it. She did her best to not look at him. "Wh..Who a..are you?" She let out in stutters, impressed with herself to actually have been able to speak in the state that she was.

"I am Akrān." Furrowing her brows at the distinct name, she didn't question, she was after all in Israel on a trip, what would she know of their names. "I am a djinn..."

Her head started ached, she was going to have a nervous breakdown she knew, her already increased heartbeat reached it's spike, pulling her into a chaos, her mind starting to stop it's operation.

It couldn't be... But even she knew, it was true, a single look at him had had her in a panic afraid she'd go blind with the look alone.

"What is that light?" She heard him speak, pulling her out of the danger she wanted to throw herself in. "It's a phone." She mumbled in a breathy voice, the longer she stayed there, she felt the air was getting depleted. "It..It's used to interact with someone. And do other stuff like..."

"Produce light." Despite of herself, she felt a smile touch her lips. She nodded.

"You're afraid of me." Leaning her head against the wall, she sighed. She did not feel the need to answer him. He'd know.

"You can put the light away, if you're scared." He suggested her, making her weigh her options. But the danger of what could happen in the dark kept her away from following his words.

"I am not a danger to you." Her eyes instantly shot open.

"Did you just..did you just read my mind..?" She pushed, fear enveloping her once again. It did every time he spoke, every time his deep gravely voice reached her ears. Her mind telling her to get away from him but her body, it felt as if it wasn't ready to listen, or was it her mind forcing her to stay..? She didn't know anymore. He shook his head in a 'no' as I kept my gaze on his chin. "It was obvious, I am hideous in sight."

"Why are you down here? And do you really have powers?" She asked instead as she bit her lips, that wasn't the question she should be asking about, she knew but she had anyway.

There was no reply and after what felt like forever, he spoke. "I can read with it. Speak every tongue without having to learn." She gulped, is that what he was doing to her? She wondered out loud. "No..." His frightening voice reached her ears. She didn't believe him. "Tied to this." She heard the clinking of the chains, saw it tied to his wrist, his fingers long and nails sharp, just like claws, dirty and ready to attack, the end of the chain was attached to the stony wall behind him with various huge nails and screws. "I am powerless."

"Can't you break it?" Her gaze remained firmly on the chain, doing her best to avoid his face, something she wanted to. May be she wanted to confirm, if he was actually scary or perhaps she was just tired of avoiding his face. "You'd at least have enough strength for it." Travelling his eyes to his huge body, so vast that he could not sit in comfort, he was at least seven feet to be able to fit himself inside that cave that she had herself stuck in.

"Because I'm bound to it by a curse."

Oh... She was afraid to ask further but she didn't need to, because he elaborated it himself.

"And only..." Her ears perked up, "Only a true blood of Solomon, can release me of my curse, unbound me from this chain." Her head snapped to look at him, his face and eyes coming into her view, waiting for the regret and fear to take over her body but all she felt was confusion. Her hands clutched to her head, moving away from him, not in terror but at the thought of why she didn't.

Only Solomon's true blood... The words rang in her brain on a continuous note, yet her eyes did not leave his. The darkness in them pulling her inside them. She couldn't shut her eyes.

He nodded, gently, as if he knew she was going to panic. "Your ancestor Solomon was going to be the one to release me, of his control." The words were bitter as he spoke. "So only his true descendent, worthy, can release me. I didn't know who it'll be until you stumbled down here." She gulped, why her?! Why not her brave friend or even her sister who often laughed at the horror movies whereas she often found herself hid under the blanket afraid that something was going to come and get her. She couldn't do the saving thing and to a monster.

But as she looked at him, she wondered where had her fear gone. It was there within her, she knew. Something heavy laid upon her emotions. "What are you doing to me?!" She whispered, alarmed, covering her eyes with her palms for her eyes decided to disobey her.

"I said, I'm not." This time the voice came out as a chide as if trying to make a child understand. It was scary to make even a brave man shit his pants.

"I've been here for thousands of years, tied to this chain, powerless..unable to even die." She felt her heart fall to her stomach at his words, sadness taking over her mind, as if she could feel his pain like it was hers.

"What happens, if..if I free you from the chains?" She inquired, pushing her hands away from her eyes to catch the ends of her top, not missing the way his eyes roamed through her body, her every action noted by his gaze. She shivered under his scrutiny.

"I'm sorry." He muttered instantly, noticing her uncomfortable state. "Djinns are naturally attracted to women, of Adam's descendants." He did not look away as he spoke the words making her eyes widen. She didn't know what to think, was it even possible..?

She did not feel safe anymore, not that she did before but his revelation left her in constant worry. Deciding to change the topic, she spoke. "What happens if I do release you?"

Instead of giving her an answer he simply stared at her while she cursed herself at every excruciating moment that passed by, for not looking away from him. He was truly hideous, nothing about him attractive or even bearable to her eyes. "I die..." He simply muttered. "Return to ashes, like I should have a long time ago." Something flashed in his eyes, may be sadness, but how could she know to read a demon's eyes..?

"I want to get out of here." To be honest, she didn't care if he died or roamed the Earth or stayed bound to the chains till the end of times but she wanted to know if he could be of any help to her. He nodded in understanding.

"Once I'm gone. I believe you'll be able to get out of here." He croaked out, suddenly a blood curling scream erupting out of him as he clutched onto the chain bound to his wrist. "It burns!" He cried out. She jumped in her place, still sat on her legs. The sound of his screams leaving her in tremors, he really needed to stop before her heart decided to do it first.

"Oh my God!" She exclaimed. "Wh..What do I do?" She murmured in worry. To see him in ache when he wasn't even in fault, it left her restless. He continued to scream for a few more minutes, the screams so horrifying, it seemed as if pulling on her chest, her heart being pulled out of it, until he stopped, breathing heavily, hunched, his head swaying from left to right.

"Wh..What was that?" She murmured, scared.

"It's just something, that happens to me every night at midnight. The chains, become hot and burn my skin." Only then did she notice the skin around the lock of his chain, burnt and freshly scarred, flesh visible, black liquid flowing out of it. She flinched. "As a punishment." He murmured in the end.

Raising her brows in question, she waited for him to elaborate. With a sigh he answered. "I had possessed the daughter of Solomon King before I was chained under his control and now to this." She backed away further into the wall at his words.

He smiled sympathetically at her, that left her no comfort as his canines sharp and yellowed glistened in her view. "You don't have to be scared." His voice surprisingly soft. "I can't anymore. And once you release me, I'll be dead. I was in love with her." He murmured. "May be I'll be with her in heavens. I did pay enough for my sins, after all you're here to release me." She wanted to gag in disgust at his fantasy.

"Listen to me..." He spoke, his voice sounding more and more enchanting to her ears. She dreaded it. "You just have to let me go. Then you'll be out of here."

"You can trust me..." He added further when she didn't respond. "Don't you want to get out..?" With hesitance, she nodded her head.

"Then go on..." His voice coming out eerie as if beckoning her to come closer. And she did, her body working with it's own mind as she picked up her phone, nearing him. Her body in tremors as she neared him, she could swear, it felt as if he was pulling out her soul from her body.

"Y..You think I can do it?" He nodded. "There's no one else who can do it, but you." His voice, soothing to her ears. She had lost control she knew. Is that what he meant by being able to control minds..? She wondered, but her eyes took in the chains, sighing in relief. Still far she only neared her hands to his bound wrist, she didn't want to get closer than that and just as she was going to touch the lock, her hands froze.

Is he really going to die..? The doubt swirled in her mind. Her head turning to look him in the eyes as if they would answer in truth. But her hands moved as soon as she did so and with a click the chain became unlocked. Her fingers touching his skin for a mere second feeling disgust crawl over her spine. It was rough and prickly.

Fetching her phone, she intended to get away from him when the flashlight fell on the hand that once bled, now starting to heal. Wide eyed she stared in shock when suddenly the creak was heard. Looking away from him, her eyes fell upon the surface of the tomb now emitting moonlight in it's partition. Relief spread through her as a smile made it's way though her lips. Turning back to thank him she searched for the creature around her only to find the cave empty.

Shrugging her shoulders, she made a move to step out of the undergrounds when the phone fell from her hand. Her head snapped to her wrist to find it bound to the chains instead. The smile on her lips vanished and replaced with whimpers as she struggled to remove the lock, she didn't find difficult to not so long ago. Her heart lurched and her breaths started to quiver.

"Help!" She shouted hoping anyone to listen, even the djinn.

What has he done..?! Did he play with me? Several thoughts came in her mind as she realised her mistake, she should not have released him.

"Hush..." A voice spoke behind her making her turn only to find darkness, the flashlight gone, it's battery turned off.

"Please..." She cried out in the darkness. "Please, let me go. I..I released you." She begged. The frightening voice chuckled behind her and sometimes right on her face, it's breath hitting her face, making her stomach clench.

"Humans are so easy to play." He breathed out as she felt his nail sharp as a claw drag down the cheek of her face, drawing blood. "And their blood, I haven't tasted in centuries." She gulped.

"Y..You lied to me." She let out with difficulty, she could feel hands choking around her neck. It was him or her own panic, she couldn't differentiate. He laughed again, his voice numbing her senses as she crawled against the wall, previously occupied by him. "Oh I intend to a lot more to you. Treasure you well. You're after all a descendent of the Solomon King." He sneered.

But before he could continue, she heard her name being called from the distance. "Kira!" 

The djinn smirked, turning to look at the source of the sound and then at her, breathing in her for a long moment as if breathing in her soul, his thirst making itself known without a shame. "I'll see you soon..." He growled out, and then she felt nothing around her but empty air.

Her eyes instantly shot to the creek caused by the tomb, as she sucked in a breath of dread, shrinking herself into the wall, his face shown under the moonlight, full of malice and promise, smiling at her in hatred before he disappeared into thin air.

"Kira!" The voice neared.

"I..I'm here..." Her voice small and breathy, she knew it wasn't enough to attract their attention. Mustering up all the strength that she had left, "I'm here!" She shouted, "Help me!" The voice echoed inside the cave; her strength gave up just then as she fell into a heap of darkness making her wish she was actually dead than having to live the rest of the life, knowing what laid ahead. 

"No one knows, how she got there." The doctor heard her father speak watching his daughter murmur to herself from inside the restricted area of the patients, a special ward, they had said.

"Please, let me go. I'm begging you." She continued to murmur as her mother cried in the arms of her father.

"Mr. Rains. I've seen her reports. I think she's in trauma. And seems to be suffering from multiple identity disorder." The doctor informed. "The incident in her tour from College has effected her deeply. It'd be a shock if anyone actually came out sane from that incident."

"Is that why..?" The doctor nodded. "Her other personality killed her boyfriend." He completed.

"But it's strange." The doctor continued, while the parents looked at him in worry. "Your daughter actually talks to her other personality. It's the same trait one exhibits when claimed to be possessed by ghosts."

"So, you think it is?" It was strange to think so, for they had no belief in ghosts and other supernatural beings. They were just myths, stories. "Not medically. But I don't know anymore. Even the pattern of her brain remains unchanged while her other personality takes over." The doctor replied, confused at the new found situation. That was the reason, the hospital's board had decided to put her through several experimental procedures.

"So what is this other personality?" Mr. Rains inquired further.

The doctor thought for a moment, watching the woman inside rock herself back and forth, whimpering, with soft cries emitting her lips.

"It's a male personality. Akrān.” The doctor informed. “He calls himself the djinn." And the shriek was heard, the djinn was back to play, avenge himself for the thousands of years bound to chains.

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