The outline of working with shaziyakhan_writes (Online writing services)

The outline of working with shaziyakhan_writes (Online writing services)

1. The client chooses from the list of online writing services offered by shaziyakhan_writes given here :

2. The client contacts through the following social networking sites such as website chat, gmail (, Instagram (, Linkedin ( or via Twitter (

3. Contact number is shared next and discussion is done over the selected writing service/task in detail.

4. The client receives the contract which include: *the terms and conditions of the services such as the given topic and depth of research involved *date on which the client agreed to take the services and the date of work submission *payment agreed upon *the rights of the work before and after payment *and the action of payment within 24 hours, once the work is complete.

5. The client signs the contract virtually and returns the document. Once the work is complete, the payment is done by the client.

6. The client receives the receipt of payment within the next 24 hours.

7. The client is requested to submit a short testimonial which is optional.

For further inquiries, contact through any of the given links. Rest assured, your work will be completed by shaziyakhan_writes in the most professional and honorable manner, so as to maintain a long term professional relationship.

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