How to Write a Perfect Business Email? (You can never get it wrong after this.)

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

How to Write a Business Email? (You can never get it wrong after this.)

While posting letters was always hectic, on the contrary, the invention of being able to send an email made connecting with people a lot easier. And now, although emails are seldom used for connecting with our friends and close relatives due to much efficient technology and other applications, the maintenance of a form of respect, if you might say, is through the exchanging of emails alone, mostly between colleagues, clients, and other work-related people. Be it applying for a job or replying for one, responding to a client’s email or sending files, etc, professional/business email is the way to go.

So, I’ll be teaching how you can write a perfect email, every single time.

To: Write the accurate email address of the recipient. You can send it to as many people as you like, at once.

Subject Line: This is where you will write the motive behind your business email and be able to first grab the attention of the recipient. Make sure that your subject is kept brief yet detailed and to the point.


1.) Job application- Application for the editor’s post.

2.) Completing a task- Complete the given documents' analysis and submit them at the earliest.

3.) Congratulating or complementing- Congratulation on winning the writing contest of 2020.

Salutation- The obvious choice for writing a salutation in a business email is to address the person with ‘Dear’ at the left corner of the screen, followed by Mr/Ms/Mrs and the Last name and end the salutation with a comma, leading to the opening of the body of the letter.


Dear Mr/Mrs/Ms. Oberoi,

· There are some exceptions to the case. When the clients/colleagues or employees, etc, are on a more friendly basis or someone that is more on a comfort level, like a long term employee, friendly colleagues, etc, in such situations, using a salutation like ‘Hi’ or ‘Hello’ is preferred, followed by recognizing the person with his/hers first name.


Hi Jade,

Body of the email: This is the most important part of an email, needless to say, because this is where you have the chance to grab the reader/recipient's attention for the second and longer period of time. (First is your subject line.)

· Begin the body of the email with the important point and motive for writing it. This grasps the attention of the recipient and demands for his/hers immediate focus. Explain why you’re writing the email, at the beginning itself. Details will follow soon after.

· If you expect a response or a call for action, mention it in the email.

Example: please respond to the email immediately; submit the files; please respond if accepted, etc.

· Make sure that the email is as brief as possible and direct to the point. Avoid using slang words or words that may come out as informal. Using words such as gotta, wanna, yeah should be avoided.

· End the email at a respectful and conclusive note.

· Information on any file, documents, or PDF sent to the recipient should be mentioned as a last and separate paragraph in the section of the body of the email.

Example: Please check the PDF documents I have sent as per your request.

Note- The email technique shown does not contain writing an email for the blog subscribers as the method in writing the body of the letter and it's strategies differ from that of writing a business email.

Ending Salutation- End the email with an ending salutation in the left corner with a simple thank you, followed by a greeting on the next line.

Finish the salutation with your full name, preferably first and last.


Thank you.

Yours sincerely/Yours faithfully/Regards,

Your full name

Here’s the format of the email with instructions for a quick revision (with apt punctuation) and follow up:

Following these steps and methods, you can have a perfect email every time. Writing a perfect email can elevate your professional career, and with practice, you can get better and better. Lemme know if you have any questions regarding the writing of a business email and wait for my other posts on how you can write better, well, anything.

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