Cosmetics and Beauty Treatments- A quick study of Cosmetics and Beauty Treatments.

Updated: Mar 8

Cosmetics and Beauty Treatments- A quick study of Cosmetics and Beauty treatments.


In this article I am going to be talking about the overall history and the role cosmetics and beauty treatments plays in the society in the modern world and of course it’s value in the markets. Globally.

According to FDA, cosmetics are products intended to be applied on the human body for cleansing, beautifying, promoting attractiveness, or altering the appearance. Mouthful, I know.


In any case, cosmetics have been historically present in a very significant amount. And it is not limited to women. Let’s dive into the history of cosmetics. Historians can trace the use of make-up back to 4,ooo BC where Egyptians used kohl to create dramatic eyes, unique designs on faces to represent their tribe. However, early cosmetic regime relied heavily on natural ingredients and resources. Each of the products served more than one purpose such as scrubs, pastes, make-up (symbolic) etc. Many products currently also utilize natural ingredients to avoid usage of harsh chemicals.

Make-up has been used historically for various purposes. Symbolic representation of the tribe, beautification of women, wooing women for marriage, representation of status etc.

In modern era, the world of cosmetics took over the global markets and trends in the twentieth century by storm when two African-American women opened a salon and began offering makeovers to well, everybody. The steps were later followed by many other women and men. Many countries, industries and had their own prospect of beauty and has been experimented with various trends.

It also played a wide role in wars and military expeditions where protective products such as sunscreens were started to be marketed. It was later made available for general public.

In 1960s, women went crazy over bold eye make-up, whereas 1970s brought out a more natural look in a woman. 1980s was more focused on recreating iconic looks of famous identities while natural make up once again made a comeback by 1990s.

Modern Era.

Natural make-up, no make-up make-up, bold make-up, Halloween make-up, wedding makeup, matte makeup, HD makeup, mineral makeup are just some of the types. In 21st century, cosmetics possess one of the highest global marketing values. It was worth $93.5 billion in 2019 which is a total of $74.7billion from the year before, which is huge. It is expected to garner $429.8 billion dollars during the forecast period of 2016-22. With the rising value for cosmetics and beauty treatments it does not seem like a far cry.

According to ASPS, American Society of Plastic Surgeons almost 18 million people underwent cosmetic procedures in the US alone.

The global survey by the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPA), the countries in cosmetic surgery are ranked as following.

USA with China, Brazil and India with close rates.

Colombia, Brazil, Italy, Greece and South Korea are right behind.

Movies, offices, parties, universities you can see the presence of cosmetics just about everywhere. But use of cosmetics does not end with products such as primer, concealer, foundation, face powder and creams alone.

Now there are certain beauty treatments that are major or extreme that can either make or break one’s appearance.

Non-surgical beauty treatments: These treatments are rather adopted by many beauty enthusiasts. Although it doesn’t require one to get into surgeries or under a knife, some of them involve use of objects like lasers and needles.

Some of the famous non-surgical treatments include the following.

· A non-surgical nose job.

· Brazilian butt lift.

· Lip injections and Botox.

· Laser facial treatment.

· Chemical peels.

· Oxygen facials.

· Cryolipolysis or coolsculpting.

· Mesotherapy

· Face and chin lifting.

· Skin whitening.

· Glutathione intravenous skin whitening.

· Cheek fillers etc.

Surgical beauty treatments: Firmly known as cosmetic surgeries is as precarious as it is, is still the most famous and people with obsession for looks and finding ways to change the way they look are ready to get under a knife. Some of them include the following.

· Surgical nose job.

· Surgical lips.

· Surgical face shaping.

· Liposuction.

· Double-lids surgery.

· Waist size reduction surgery.

· Face replacement surgery.

· Breast reconstruction.

These are only few of the examples of the surgical beauty treatments and procedures.

It is reported that women that were more self-conscious, had lower life satisfaction and deemed themselves less attractive with fewer religious beliefs were more inclined to expose themselves to cosmetic surgeries.

All in all, women and men undergo usage of cosmetics, make-up and other beauty treatments to achieve the perfect look deemed in the society. And that varies country to country, ethnicity, religion, background, climate, state of mind etc.

Somethings to come to terms with when undergoing extreme surgical and non-surgical treatments.

· Cosmetic surgeries, like skin whitening, body toning, face contouring and changing can only make you feel confident to some extent. Your self-esteem is in your love for yourself and no treatments can increase that drastically.

· If you’re insecure about looks you are going to be insecure no matter how you change yourself. Confidence is an inner thing.

· Cosmetic and other surgeries are not hereditary. So, if you have certain features that make you hate them, know that your children might inherit them too. You do not want them feeling the same about themselves.

· Your fitness matters but so does loving the shape of your body. Long term fitness can only be guaranteed with exercises, work outs and good diet.

· Obsession with physical beauty such as color of the skin, height, weight etc…, can never bring you peace. There’ll always be someone more beautiful than you and more handsome than you.

· You’re going to be called out. No matter how much you change your looks, change the shape of your body, you’re going to be called out on it. Fight for your dignity even from yourself and your insecurities.

· Physical beauty will go away, no matter how much you try to hold on to it with procedures, so you need to come to terms with the way you look and accept yourself.

In the next post, I will be talking about the Psychology of feeling beautiful with cosmetics and surgeries.

In that I’ll explain the psychology behind the people that undergo less extreme, temporary, extreme, and permanent treatments. The roles of society, self and media etc…,


Cosmetics- Know what’s in your cosmetic products and accessories.

Know what the researchers have to say about what goes on your face and body. And how to beware.

So stay tuned!


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