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Updated: Mar 6

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What is a novel coronavirus?

Novel Coronavirus outbreak in China.

Novel coronavirus infection in China and other countries of the world.

Symptoms and Prevention.

Danger level and probability.

Myths bursters.

Updates on 25th February 2020.


What is a novel Coronavirus?

Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses that produce symptoms such as common cold to respiratory issues that may be severe such as Middle East Respiratory Syndrome caused by MERS-CoV, a strain of coronavirus. Another such case include Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome caused by SARS-CoV. Novel Coronavirus, however, is a new strain of virus that wasn’t found in humans before. And since it was found in 2019, well the last day of it, the disease caused is named COVID-19.

Coronavirus are generally zoonotic in nature and thereby the disease is transmitted or spread from animal to human and human to human. Speculations showed that the novel coronavirus could have been transmitted in the similar fashion, given that the aforementioned viruses were found to be transmitted from cats and camels to humans accordingly. But in regards to novel coronavirus no such speculation has been proven right or better yet the source is yet to be discovered.

Novel Coronavirus outbreak in China.

On 31stDecember, 2019 first case of novel coronavirus infection was detected in Wuhan, China. It’s undiscovered reason and epidemic nature rose alarm among China and the other countries. WHO had taken quick measures as more and more cases started to present themselves with death rates growing higher with each day. China is now quarantined while other countries, especially Asian countries had taken quick precautions by pulling back their workers from China followed by quarantining the national individuals returning from China.

It’s been over a month and a half, yet the control over COVID-19 is yet to be applied fully. There are a couple of reasons that play a huge role in failing to contain the outbreak in China.

· Lack of knowledge over the novel coronavirus- Since it is a new strain as mentioned earlier, the medical system of the country and the world has little to no knowledge on the coronavirus and the rate at which the deaths and infections are occurring, it is an immediate necessity to cure it but the doctors and other medical professionals have little to no way of dealing it, except to keep the patients under isolation until the symptoms deficit themselves. Also the detection of the disease is relied solely on the symptoms. Disadvantages include that infection cannot be detected until after 10-12 days of infection, which is called a latent period.

· Lack of cure- Due to the previously mentioned reason, there is no cure at the moment.

Novel coronavirus infection rate in China, and other countries of the world.

From those the recent reports from Al Jazeera news, as of 16th February 2019 evening, show that the deaths in China are 1,770 in total whereas on 17thFebruary they reported 1,868 deaths, which means 93 deaths have occurred in a single day. The infection rate is found to be 72,436 nationwide.

Other than China, only one death had been recorded in Philippine and one in France.

It is reported to have spread in at least a dozen of countries with almost non-existent fatality, except in China.

To get live reports on death rate, click on the link.

Symptoms and prevention.

Symptoms of Coronavirus include fever, cough, shortness of breath and difficulty in breathing. Severe respiratory symptoms include pneumonia, respiratory syndrome, kidney failure and death, evidently.

Some prevention methods include the following.

Washing your hands thoroughly and regularly with alcohol-based hand rub or soap.

Cove your mouth with a tissue or elbow while sneezing and/or coughing.

Throw the used tissue in the bin securely.

Wash your hands when in contact with pets, although no firm evidence suggesting its transmission from pets has been found, it is still advised.

Avoid close contact with the infected person.

If symptoms persist, consult a doctor.

Do not reuse the masks not meant for reusing.

Eat fully cooked meat, so yeah be careful with hams and steaks.

Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with your hands.

Danger Level and Probability of the COVID-19.

WHO revealed the level of emergency to be lethal and thereby those infected with COVID-19 are strictly quarantined. The disease is currently labelled as epidemic (the spread of disease to a large number of people in a short period of time of a particular region or state) in nature. However, there is a chance that it may grow into pandemic (spread of disease to large region, continent or even the world), if not properly handled by the government and public and if measures of eradication are not found sooner.

Myths busters.

· Rubbing alcohol or chlorine on your body will not prevent infection since it is a respiratory disease and alcohol must be handled with care, given its inflammable nature.

· Using saline water or mouthwash to rinse mouth, eating garlic and rubbing on yourself or cooking with sesame oil has no evidence of preventing or curing the disease.

· Vaccines for influenza or pneumonia or any other virus cannot prevent COVID-19

· Antibiotics will NOT cure the disease, since antibiotics are used only bacterial diseases, not viruses.

· It is presumed to be safe to receive packages from China since the viruses cannot survive for long on non-living objects.

· Your pets may not be the source of disease, since no evidence is found stating so.

· No medicine is produced up to date that can kill COVID-19 directly.

· Subjecting yourself to UV lamp will not eliminate prevention, since, again, it is a respiratory disease. UV rays are known to cause mutations in the skin, so avoid it at all cost.

Updates on 25th February 2020 on COVID-19

· COVID-19 has killed more than 2600 people worldwide with over 79,000 cases of individuals infected with it.

· In case of infections in European countries, like Italy WHO fails determine the cause of spread, given the lack of contact with China and other infected countries in Asia. Thereby, seven deaths have occurred in Italy with no information of the source infectee.

· Meanwhile South Korea is reported to have experienced 10 deaths with increasing infection rates.

· Iran reports 12 deaths with 61 confirmed cases of infections.

o The outbreak is still not considered pandemic but WHO announces the need for preparation for the ‘potential pandemic’ disease.

Here’s the list of countries with confirmed cases of COVID-19


1. South Korea.

2. Thailand.

3. Japan.

4. Italy.

5. Singapore

6. US

7. Taiwan

8. Canada.

9. Kuwait.

10. Iraq.

11. Oman.

12. Iran.

13. Bahrain.

14. Afghanistan.

15. Israel

16. UK.

17. Lebanon.

18. Australia.

19. France.

20. Egypt.

21. Malaysia.

22. India.

23. UAE.

24. Vietnam.

25. Germany.

26. Philippines.

27. Belgium.

28. Russia.

29. Sweden.

30. Finland.

31. Sri Lanka.

32. Cambodia.

33. Nepal.

Update on March 6, 2020.

· Death rate has reached up to 3,300 worldwide.

· There is no still no exclusive way of curing the disease and infection. Patients infected with coronavirus are still kept under quarantine.

· China’s had banned the farming and eating of wild animals as the coronavirus is suspected to have spread through any of the wild animals. The main suspects include bats, snakes and pangolin.

· Although speculations have been carried out, scientists are yet to find the source of outbreak and any conclusive cure.

· It has now spread world-wide in 85 countries with major deaths in China.

· Researchers must find a way to control the virus since it is been announced as ‘potential pandemic’.


To get live reports on death rate, click on the link.

Note:- Last updated on 25th February 2020.

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