Book Review: Fawn Hollow by Kenzie Dyer.

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Book Review: Fawn Hollow by Kenzie Dyer.

Author: Kenzie Dyer

Genre: Mystery, horror, teen fiction, and Psychological Thriller.

Summary of the book: One word is all it takes to change a person’s life. For me, it was Hello.

Being someone’s special girl should be exciting, right? But what if that someone is dangerous?

I don’t know his name and I’ve never seen his face, but I know he won’t stop until I’m his. With no place safe, I have a choice to make. I can fight back or I can become a victim of my stalker’s obsession.

Fighting back means I will have to put my life and safety in the hands of a professional fighter marked with a Grim Reaper tattoo. He considers himself "Death." His fans consider him to be one of the best in the Octagon. I consider him the only option I have left—even if trusting him means trusting a man who just might be more dangerous to me than my stalker.

If I want to survive, I'll have to risk everything…including the one thing I never thought I would.

Review: If there's one word I can use to describe the book, then it's "Fantastic". What an amazing read!

To get into the detailed review of the book, allow me to talk about Temperance (Tempie). She is your typical awkward introvert who, well, had no friends, whatsoever, thanks to her personality and her mother. But right when she thinks she can actually have some friends and peace, her world turns upside down as a stalker takes interest in her. Her growth throughout the story was spectacular, of how she went from an introvert to determined to fighting for her life when she thinks she has had enough of the stalker haunting her mind and life. Reading the book in her perspective showed how each incident caused by the stalker had effected her deeply and helped me get the insight on those that go through similar circumstances in real life. Every change in her personality, every qualm she had, her fears, I could feel it like my own. Her mind, in short, was were her stalker thrived and breathed like a whole different identity, restraining her from her choices and happiness alike.

Some of her thoughts, "Knowing I fear him isn't enough, Admirer wants me to know that he owns me: my thoughts, my body, my future, my life," showed exactly the motives of her stalker.

Her stalker, whom Tempie calls 'Admirer', is a character, however, that you'd wanna kill with your own hands, for what he was making Tempie go through. He was way too smart, unfortunately, and it could be seen from his evasive ways from getting caught, despite extensive investigation, time and time again. I couldn't help but be suspicious of each and every male character of the story, while never being quite sure of one, at least not for long. The author (Kenzie Dyer) has done a spectacular job in keeping me hooked onto the story and making me lose my mind on trying to find who the stalker really is.

Eben is another character that you can't help but love and hate, an enigma in a word. His character was written so well, that it had me scratching my head in trying to understand him. Nevertheless, he's a character that didn't disappoint me one bit. Other characters played their roles perfectly in Tempie's life, each having a growth of their own throughout the story, which you can't see in many books.

The construction of the story from beginning to till the end and the twists in between were near perfect. It kept me biting at my nails as I thought of what could happen next with each chapter ending with more and more warnings than the guidelines on an emergency board.

I, especially, loved the scenes shared between Eben and Tempie, the chemistry between them right from their first meet was tension-filled and breathtaking. I loved the way it was carried out with Eben pushing her buttons all the time, while also guiding her in her fight for her life.

The ending was one aspect of the book I couldn't get enough of, and the cliffhanger, in the end, had me screaming to know what would happen next-- that is in the second book.

Lucky for me, book 2 is already out, and I am going to jump right into that one, and trust me, you should too!

Except for the editing style of the book and the missing of certain details, such as the transition from one scene to another, which I think could have been drawn to perfection, with some professional's hands, there is nothing I couldn't like about the book.

After having read the book and loving it, I give the book, a full 4.5 stars out of five.

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