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About shaziyakhan_writes (Online Writing Services and Blog).


shaziyakhan_writes is an online writing service site that works on a contract basis to provide various online, highly researched, and greater quality writing services to its clients. 

Writing services include the following: Email writing, article writing, blog writing, essay writing, speech writing, copywriting/editing, Wix website design, proofreading, translation, PowerPoint designs, MS. Office, and short story and novelette writing.

Online courses for women include: 
Office training courses (Email writing, English speaking, business etiquettes, and personality development) 
General writing courses (Article writing, speech and essay writing, and general editing/proofreading) 
Fiction writing courses (Short story, novelette, and novel writing, fiction editing, and proofreading.



About the Writer

Shaziya Khan is a passionate writer that provides ghostwriting services to clients. Since a child, her passion for learning more had inspired her to try writing and learning about different fields of careers and businesses, increasing her knowledge and can hold witness to the truth that knowledge is the greatest wealth one could achieve.


Today, she is an experienced freelance writer, and she founded "shaziyakhan_writes" to provide her writing services and showcase her talents on a global level. 

She goes by many titles: content writer, technical writer, editor, proofreader, fiction and non-fiction writer, motivational speaker, interview coach, writing coach and tutor, personality development trainer, copywriter, etc. She provides her online writing services on a wide spectrum and works in various fields and areas.

Take some time, and explore the website, and contact the writer if you're looking for any of the services provided by the website, or looking for collaboration.


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Our Policy

The website is here you for your every need regarding the services that it will provide. You can reach out to me anytime and expect early responses and undeterred commitment towards clients. 
Reach out to me on instagram "beautyaamna" and email ID;-